What is ACP Decisions?

ACP Decisions is a non-profit foundation consisting of a group of clinicians who empower patients and families with video support tools. These video support tools are carefully crafted after undergoing rigorous review by leading experts in medicine, geriatrics, oncology, cardiology, ethics, and decision-making. Today, multiple healthcare systems use these tools and supporting resources to empower patients and families.

Our Story

More than a decade ago, Angelo Volandes, MD, MPH, helped his patients with advanced illness make informed choices about their care by taking them into the hospital rooms of patients undergoing different treatments, such as being intubated or having a feeding tube. Many patients remarked that they would not have been able to envision how differently their lives would be affected by certain choices if not for this experience.

Dr. Volandes then co-founded the nonprofit Advance Care Planning (ACP) Decisions to help patients and families learn about their options through videos.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower patients and families so that they can be in the center of and in control of their healthcare.  We firmly believe that the best patient-doctor relationships are based on open communication and shared knowledge and that medical care must reflect patients’ values and preferences.

Why Video?

ACP Decision’s library supports Shared Decision Making by helping patients and their families envision what different treatment options will entail and how they will affect their quality of life. With images they can learn about different treatment options, and consider how treatments align with their goals and values.

How are These Video Support Tools Developed?

ACP Decisions’ videos are used at multiple locations across the U.S.  The videos are reviewed by leading experts in medicine, geriatrics, oncology, cardiology, ethics, and decision-making.  

How Effective are These Video Support Tools?

The research in several peer reviewed articles, shows that these videos:

  • Improve patient-centered care and overcome communication barriers

  • Give patients and families a more realistic, clear picture of their medical choices

  • Provide a comfortable learning experience

  • Lead to more informed choices

  • Lead to patients having more stable preferences for their end-of-life treatment over time


What is Shared Decision Making? Why is it Important?

Shared Decision Making provides a way for patients and providers to make health care decisions together.  Decisions are made based on the patient’s values and the best science available.  Patients and families are given relevant clinical information in a way that helps them communicate their informed preferences. Our videos support Shared Decision Making by reinforcing information from physicians and effectively informing patients and families about options for medical care.

Product Images & Info

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ACP Decisions Leadership

To learn about our team and their stories, please visit the about us section of this website. To hear from our President and Co-Founder Dr. Angelo Volandes, MD MPH please watch the video below.

Non-Media Inquiries

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