Clinical Settings

End of life planning can be a difficult process for anyone to navigate. ACP Decisions is committed to having patients make informed decisions so that they can be at the center of and control of their well being.

Here are some stories where patients and families have used the ACP Decisions Video Program to clarify their values and to make decisions about their medical care.

Hospice Care

Several family members came to a provider in tears because other family members (who were not directly involved in the patient’s care) were angry about the patient’s choice to not have a PEG tube.  After watching an ACP Decisions video on feeding tubes, the concerned family members expressed tremendous relief and had more confidence in the decision.

In-Patient Oncology Care

One member of an elderly couple is living with cancer.  The couple differed for a year on what level of medical care the patient should receive. Finally, after watching an ACP Decisions video they came to an agreement and completed the necessary paperwork.

In-Patient Medical Care

A few words from a patient’s son: “This really helped. Papers and words — everybody explains it differently. Words are open to interpretation. Now I really get it. The way my mom was, CPR wouldn’t help her.” He changed his mother’s code status from a Full Code to DNR.  She expired 2 days later.

Outpatient Oncology Care

A social worker met with a patient, her husband, and her adult daughter to watch an ACP Decisions video during an outpatient chemotherapy appointment. The patient had been recently hospitalized and was decreasingly able to care for herself.  The video was shown in Ilocano, her native language, even though the family is bilingual.  Immediately after viewing the video they were able to start having a discussion about the patient’s goals of care.

Nursing Home Care

A resident with end stage kidney disease and chronic anemia with Full Code status was refusing blood draws and other invasive testing.  Her family felt uncomfortable discussing her goals of care with her or the medical staff.  After viewing an ACP Decisions video, the family finally was willing to discuss these issues with her and her healthcare team.