Evidence & Publications

  • 3 minute video of CPR for patients with advanced cancer
  • Randomized controlled trial of 150 patients with advanced cancer
  • Developed and edited with an expert panel of oncologists

Verbally Told Options

YES, I prefer to have CPR 48%
NO, I do not prefer to have CPR 51%
Undecided, 1%

ACP Decisions Video

YES, I prefer to have CPR 20%
NO, I do not prefer to have CPR 79%
Undecided, 1%

97%of subjects would recommend the videos to other patients.

  • Subjects in the video group were more knowledgeable about their options and more comfortable with their decisions.
  • Video may promote more informed preferences for end-of-life care by providing more realistic expectations of disease in less time.
  • Video may surmount communication barriers and ensure more patient-centered care that respects patient preferences.
  • The vast majority of subjects were comfortable watching the videos.


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